Afrikaans DVD brings hope

Helena Conradie, wordcraft artist, and Christa Thom, digital artist, have created an Afrikaans DVD with spiritual poetry, digital art and music.

An Afrikaans DVD with spiritual poetry, digital art and music, God die digter, has been released.

Directed by award-winning television producer and director, Anne Myers, the DVD sees Helena Conradie, Christa Thom and Andries Cilliers present 23 poems by 18 Afrikaans poets.

The DVD takes the viewer on a journey of discovery of the self, life, nature, gratitude and hope. It is a tribute to Myers, who passed away on February 8 due to Covid-19 complications.

“She was notably proud of the end product,” says Conradie, of Durbanville, who compiled the programme.

Conradie’s first CD, Boerneef: Makie Mooigoed Staan, with Annalise Wiid, was released in 2000. The success of this venture lead to nine more Afrikaans wordcraft CDs. Her great love is the Afrikaans word and the language’s ability to convey a message and to evoke emotion.

A variety of work by old and new poets has been used. Works by Afrikaans literary giants such as NP van Wyk Louw, DJ Opperman, Sheila Cussons, Olga Kirsch, Joan Hambidge, Wilna Stockenström, C Louis Leipoldt and TT Cloete have been included.

“With sound, word, light and images we celebrate life. For me it is important to underline beautiful things, especially in the sombre times with Covid-19,” says Conradie.

The just more than 30-minute-long DVD is interspersed with art photos by Thom that are alternated with video clips. Since a young age, Thom, a medical doctor of Eversdal, has been aware of spiritualism. The images serve as metaphors of the spoken word.

The title of the DVD, God die digter, derives from the homonymous poem by TT Cloete, which concludes the programme.

The third voice belongs to Cilliers, a preacher from Three Anchor Bay. He loves reading, writes books on faith and enjoys addressing reader circles about books and life.

“We want to touch people and bring hope through living poetry, images and sound,” says Thom.

The project aims to share Afrikaans poetry with as many people as possible. The sales of the DVD is to recoup the production costs.

God die digter costs R150. To place an order email or call 082 873 5177.