A 50th birthday to remember

Shirlene Peplow, seated, was treated to a special birthday party by her parents, Hilda and George Peplow, back.

The family of Shirlene Peplow, from Bridgetown, ensured a memorable 50th birthday party for her, when they invited children from their community to be part of the celebration.

Ms Peplow is mentally disabled and doctors told her parents, George and Hilda Peplow, that she would not live beyond her teens. It is for this reason, that her family celebrated all her milestone birthdays.

For her 21st birthday party, Ms Peplow had a weekend-long party and when she turned 40, her parents gave her a big bash as well. This time around, it was decided to have something for the children in the community, as that is where she grew up and everybody knows her.

Her niece, Shahiema Schuller, said there was plenty of treats, games, a live band and even a dance competition for the little guests.

“All in all, it was a great event that brought the community members together. An event that had not only attracted the children, but the older generation as well – and all this to do something special for a special lady,” Ms Schuller said.