Another girl killed

David Kapp, Belthorn

A paternal grandfather can’t get much sleep

as yet another

young one is killed

(she thrown on a field

like a piece of garbage)

That is not right

she is a human being

(a local library colleague wonders whether children are growing up too quickly)

elsewhere a be-suited one declares that gangs

are using weapons

of war

blustering on about

never failing our people

and liberating our people

from prisons of fear

is the mind not

that dangerous place

that weapon of war

male suspects appear

and are charged

while we fill that other concrete prison

then tick off boxes

for political statisticians

and the statistics

of politicians

Is that right?

“Another girl killed, another tenant held” (Cape Times, October 24), “Charnelle’s mom shares her grief” (Argus, October 24), “Another child found dead” (Athlone News, October 25), and “Gangs using ‘weapons of war’” (Athlone News, October 18).