Apricot Place gets a face lift

Cyril Williams is one of the residents of Apricot Place seniors complex.

The City of Cape Town has completed the revamp of the Apricot Place seniors’ complex in Bonteheuwel.

They said the upgrade would ensure an increased level of comfort and safety for the elderly tenants.

The Apricot complex has 56 rental units that accommodate approximately 75 elderly tenants. The work included a major upgrade of the walkways and the communal hall.

The units are linked by the communal walkways that were made-up of paving slabs. Over time these paving slabs began to sag, posing a tripping hazard to tenants.

The walkways were totally revamped with in-situ brown aggregate (stone set in concrete) that is a more hard-wearing material with a non-slip surface.

Security measures were also improved with the installation of electric fencing, perimeter alarms, and a fire detection system.

The communal hall was upgraded and the external walls of the units received a fresh coat of paint.

The City manages 11 complexes that consist of 507 self-catering units for seniors over the age of 60 years.

Since these are self-catering units, tenants have to be able-bodied and not in need of frail care.

Each complex is overseen by an area manager.

There is an on-site caregiver who looks after the grounds and is available to call an ambulance if a resident falls ill and assist with other general chores.

Assisted living complexes provide safe, comfortable housing for persons over the age of 60.