Apricot Place seniors get vaccinated

Wilemina Fagland was among the Apricot Place seniors who were vaccinated for Covid-19 on Wednesday June 30.

Around 60 seniors were vaccinated at Apricot Place seniors home in Bonteheuwel last Wednesday as the country battles through a third wave of Covid-19.

Bonteheuwel ward councillor Angus McKenzie said that while the virus was scary, the myths and rumours people made up about it were even worse and had made many hesitant to go for the vaccine.

It made absolute sense to take the vaccine and not listen to myths, he said.

“There will always be a few that will refuse to get vaccinated, but if the majority of us do, we can minimise the degree of the waves to come by getting protected against this virus. Bontheuwel as a whole has been great with getting vaccinated, but there are those who continue to spread false facts,” he said.

Wilemina Fagland, 72, got vaccinated. She and her husband, Michael, have stayed at the Apricot Place for 12 years.

“I was scared at first to get it, but my children assured me that I will be okay, and it is best to get the vaccine so I can protect myself,” she said.

Around 60 seniors at the Apricot Place in Bonteheuwel received the Covid-19 vaccine.

Mr Fagland said the vaccine stopped people getting ill and people should not spread uneducated rumours.

“God has sent this down to help us, so why are people not taking the help from Him? This can either kill us or help us. If we don’t take this vaccine, we will die. You have to help yourself. I always use medicine and vitamins when I’m sick, so why not go for the vaccine?”