Principal of Islamia Boys’ High School, Shaheem Galant, has died at the age of 61.

The principal of Islamia Boys’ High School, Shaheem Galant, has died.

Mr Galant, 61, died of septicemia on Wednesday January 20, after a month-long stay in hospital. He lived in Rondebosch with his wife and had three children and one grandchild.

Mr Galant took over as principal 15 years ago, but he had been in education for 32 years. He was also the chairman of the Majlisush Suni in Rondebosch.

Sa’dullah Khan, the CEO of Islamia College, described Mr Galant as a people’s person who had been community driven and loved by many, and when someone in a pupil’s family had fallen ill, he had visited them.

“He would get a group together and recite a gatam (read the Qur’an) for the deceased. We are all saddened by his death; it is a big loss for us. The reality of death is so much more real now. We are living in unprecedented times, and it is a lesson for us to realise the value of life. We will really miss him,” he said.

Islamia College board member Mahmood Osman said Mr Galant had been a strict but loving principal who had known how to handle his pupils and run his school.

“The board was always very happy with him and he will be missed dearly. It will be very difficult to replace him,” he said.

Lansdowne ward councillor Mark Kleinschmidt said Mr Galant had been at the forefront of fund-raising for various community projects and had always cared about his school’s impact on the environment.

“He was an extremely charitable person who always considered the less fortunate. He was always raising funds but never for himself or the school; always for others. He will be dearly missed, as he played a meaningful role in the community and education sector, working on holistic developments for his school and the community at large.“

Mr Galant was buried at the Johnstone Road cemetery on Wednesday January 20.