Association continues mass iftaar tradition

Belgravia High Schools Muslim Students Association held its ninth annual mass iftaar with 250 children on Friday May 17.

Pupils from Belgravia High School’s Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) held a mass iftaar (breaking of the fast) with 250 needy children last Friday.

The children are from Leliebloem Children’s Home, St Francis Children’s Home and Vygieskraal informal settlement.

This was the ninth annual mass iftaar held by the pupils, with the help of their parents, teachers and donors.

They were continuing something started by Nabeelah Abdullah when she was in Grade 8. Ms Abdullah is now a fourth-year medical student.

Teacher Regan Ford said that before they had had sponsors, Ms Abdullah and the rest of the MSA team had done everything themselves – including fund-raising, cooking and going door-to-door for donations.

Ms Abdullah said:“The first year, we went from shop to shop with donation letters, asking for potatoes and chicken.

“I remember a classmate’s grandmother helped us cook the food. Teacher Jaibunnisa Firfirey, who is retired now, also helped us a lot.”

Teacher Ziyaad Abrahams, who guides the MSA, said planning had started a month before.

“One would think that an area like Belgravia might not be in need, but most of the children we invite are from the community. Even some of our own pupils at Belgravia High School come from impoverished areas.

“This mass iftaar has created such a beautiful spirit, and everybody in the school community – like the staff, parents and pupils – comes out to help.

“I also need to thank one of our parents, Zeenat Dawood, who has helped us secure sponsors for the event,” Mr Abrahams said.

Matric pupil Arnold Rupiya, who lives in Samora Marchel, said giving back to the community did not depend on one’s religion.

“At home, we have something to eat, while others don’t have. This is why I did not hesitate to help,” he said.