Athlone pass rates shock

When the matric results were released last week, they didn’t tell a great story for schools in the greater Athlone area, most of which saw a decrease in their pass rates, and only one school achieving a 100% pass rate.

Of the 26 high schools in the area covered by Athlone News, a total of 15 schools had a drop, nine schools increased their percentage pass rates, and two schools maintained the previous year’s results.

Darul Islam Islamic High School’s result was the biggest decrease, managing a 73.4% pass for 2019, compared to the previous year’s 93.8%. Eros School had the most improvement, with a 84.2% pass rate, far exceeding 2018’s 15.8% .

Star College has maintained its 100% pass rate for the past four years, while Arcadia High School had a small shift with its 61.8% pass, compared to 2018’s 61.4%.

Alexander Sinton High School’s pass rate dropped to 91.1%, from the previous year’s 92.2%, while Athlone High increased its pass rate to 61.7%.

Belgravia High dipped to 89.9% from the previous year’s pass rate of 91.7%.

Bonteheuwel High is up by 13%, with a 70.5% pass, compared to 2018’s 57.4%.

Bridgetown High increased its pass rate by 3%, achieving a 68.6% pass. The previous year they managed a 65.2% pass rate.

Cathkin High had a 77.5% pass, about 12% less than the previous year’s 89.4%.

Crystal High increased its pass rate by 16%, with a 66.1% pass, compared to the previous year’s 50.7%.

Garlandale High had a 5% dip in its 81% pass rate, having achieved an 86.9% pass rate in 2018.

Groenvlei High School’s pass rate decreased by 10%. It achieved 84.6% in last year’s exam, while in 2018, the pass rate was 94.8%.

Heideveld High took a 12% dip with a 68.4% pass, compared to the previous year’s 80.7% pass. Islamia College produced a 97.9% pass rate, up from 96.8% the previous year. Manenberg High School went down by 17%, only managing a 30.7% pass, and the previous year the matriculants achieved a 47.4% pass.

Modderdam High’s percentage pass went down by 12%. It had a 66.4% pass rate, compared to 78.1% previously.

Mount View High also took a dip, achieving a 49.3% pass rate, compared to the previous year’s 53%. Ned Doman High also achieved less – from 72.3% in 2018 to 63% in 2019. Peak View High decreased by 7%, with a 79.2% pass, compared to 86.9% in 2018.

Phoenix High increased its pass rate by 6%, with a 72.9% pass rate. Rylands High went down 3% with a 89% pass. Silverstream High went down by 9% with a 60% pass rate, compared to the previous year’s 69.4%. At Spes Bona, 64.2% of the matriculants passed, but this figure was down 16% from 2018’s 80% pass rate. The Leadership College, increased its pass rate by 4%, achieving a 89.4% pass rate.