Awards for happy seniors

Julia Kester, 91, has been part of club for more than 20 years.

The Happy Hour Seniors Club held an awards ceremony at the Bapist Church Hall in Sunnyside last Tuesday, to celebrate its 21st birthday.

The club has 47 members, from 55 to 93 years old and meets every second and last Tuesday of the month, hosting speakers on different topics, such as health and safety for senior citizens.

Chairwoman Jean Cloete said the club was started to bring the elderly together, keep them occupied, inform them about important issues and make sure they have something to eat.

“They are a very happy bunch, they really take after our name. They always enjoy it,” she said.

When asked what has kept the club together for so long, she replied “love”.

Julia Kester, 91, who has been at the club for all 21 years, was among those who received a flower for being a long-standing member.

She said she appreciated the friendships she had built over the years, as well as the company the group offered. “It changes every year. Every year there are new things happening, it keeps it exciting. The educational talks help us learn new things,” she said.

Club secretary Barbara Coraizin, 69, from Belgravia, encouraged more seniors to join the club.

“It help the seniors to feel loved, take care of each other and create friendships with each other,” she said.