Birthday celebrations shared with children

Narisha Singh with one of the orphans.

Narisha Singh knows what it’s like to grow up with very little. So, when she turned 40, instead of having a lavish party, she chose to spend the day with the children at the Christine Revell Children’s home in Athlone who were treated to hot dogs, cupcakes, and Easter eggs on Saturday April 15.

The children also enjoyed themselves on a jumping castle.

The home was established in the 1960s and was originally a place of safety for destitute pregnant women who would give birth at the home and leave their babies there so they could be adopted.

Today the home houses 48 children aged newborn to six years old who have been placed there by the Children’s Court.

Merle Jacobs, who has worked at the home for more than 10 years, said that they have a number of international volunteers who help at the home during the week.

“It’s really nice what she has done today. She could’ve spend her birthday in any other way but she chose to spend it here today,”’ said Ms Jacobs.

Ms Jacobs added that some children go to their families over holidays and weekends.

Ms Singh, who lives in Muizenberg, said she chose to celebrate her birthday in that way is because, having grown up in a very poor home, giving back was something very close to her heart.

“We didn’t have much when growing up so now that I do have, I think I should give it back to them. It makes me feel awesome. I love it, but I also get emotional.

“I love that my friends have come and enjoyed this with me because the more people you create awareness with, the more the word goes out there and hopefully people will come back here and give to them. These kids have nothing and the rest of us have more than most people do,” she said.

“There are tons of homes that need us and need people to give to them. These people are NGOs they rely on us to help them,” she said.

After the party, the children enjoyed their hot dogs and juice for supper and then it was off to bed.