Bokmakierie hosts Youth Day event

Youth enjoyed a game of netball.

The youth of Bokmakierie enjoyed a fun-filled day hosted by the African Faith Mission (AFM) on Thursday June 16, to mark Youth Day.

Festivities kicked off on the field in 3rd Avenue where they played soccer, volley ball, and netball; had their faces painted; and enjoyed a jumping castle, and live entertainment.

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The boys enjoyed a game of soccer.

Reverend Brian Burger of the AMF church, said that it was wonderful to resume community activities after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. He said children and youth must have hope and persevere although their circumstances might be harsh.

“Sometimes things are difficult but you can do it. God has wonderful things in store for you and for your future. Enjoy the day and work hard towards your futures,” he said.

Some kids had their faces painted. From left are Fuad Raademeyer, Sawaaz Raademeyer, Almaaz Galant, Thaakirah Williams, and Raeesah Williams in front.

Bokmakierie Primary School principal Michele Pinto said youth today must remember the struggle of youth back in 1976 and how they fought for the freedom and rights of youth today. She said that many lives were lost for the fight of equal education and today the fight was still ongoing.

“We want learners to know that education is important. Don’t sit back and just accept injustices, fight for your education despite your circumstances. Don’t just give up because of your troubles,” she said.

Bokmakierie Primary School principal Michele Pinto, left, and Areshaad Voegt sang for the audience.

Coordinator of the Youth Day event Walter Daniels said that it was good to have the community together again after the last two years of living though a pandemic. He said that the community needed something like this to bring them together and experience a community ethos.

The kids enjoyed the jumping castle.

“This is the first positive event happening over last four years. It’s really meant for our people to be together again. There are sports for the youth and as you can see lots of young people attended and we really cannot ignore the value of young people, we cannot discard them,” he said.

He said that the message he wanted youth to take away from the day was that they had the the power to change things and better their futures, and that they could do anything they hoped to do.

“They can become something great by believing in themselves. Their situations do not have to define them. Have good friends. Use your potential to be great,” he said.

Youth also enjoyed a game of volley ball.