Book encourages readers to think positively

Through his new book, Crawford resident Yusuf Mohamed, aims to encourage people to adopt a more positive mindset.

Mr Mohamed started writing the 158-page The Universal You in September 2019 and launched it at Timbuktu Books in Lansdowne on Saturday March 20.

He said the book was structured to reframe the mind to think positively and to turn negative situations into positive outcomes. It is based on his life story and includes lessons he has learnt over the years, covering themes such as perseverance, fear, risk, motivation, unity, duality, equality, politics, comedy, loyalty, role models, lessons learnt, travels, working experience, values and leadership.

“The Universal You is an expression of duality. Yes, we all have shortcomings but focus on your light so you can make an impact wherever you charter this world.

“My personal motivational quotes and poems are within the book to inspire the reader. I then have my heroes in the book and also villains based on my perception of the good and bad people of this world. I encourage everyone to write their own journey if they so wish,” he said.

Mr Mohamed, who is a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner by trade, said he decided to write the book when he felt particularly exhausted and drained after finishing a session with a client.

“I ask myself how can I help someone without the need to possibly see me as a therapist? Is it possible I can reframe the mind or inspire someone to do great things in their life? The book did just that. The Universal You was read across the globe within twenty days of its launch via the ebook. I was told by a client that the book allowed them to seek help and open up on their traumatic childhood experience,” he said.

He said that the book’s message to the community is that every persons life is sacred and every individual is unique and destined to do something great if they allowed themselves to. The book, he said, could also help people to open up about their darkest memories which they might not have shared with anyone before.

“My book has my heroes within such as Nelson Mandela and a few others but more importantly, my last hero is you, The Universal You.

“If you have a gift or passion, use that as a catalyst to drive what you wish to achieve but keep in mind your community. Be a change agent and be a difference that impacts society in a positive way,” he said.