Boys of the Fish Rite need help to get to the UK

At the Newlands Cricket Ground, in front, from left, are Carl Damon and Sherwin Mei, and back are Ashrad Allie, Nabeal Dien, Punet Balan and Robert Zive.

Boys of the Fish Rite Hanover Park Cricket Club have a chance to tour the UK in June, but they need help getting there.

The boys will compete in various friendly cricket matches in England and also see a match at the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup.

Club chairman Ashraf Allie said it had started in 1991 to give the youth of Hanover Park something to do. It now had 150 girls and boys.

The tour was launched at the Newlands Cricket Ground on Thursday April 25. The
boys are set to leave in June but need sponsors for flights, accommodation, gear and other expenses.

Humanitarian organisation, Islamic Relief, is fund-raising to help the boys. Spokeswoman Shanaaz Ebrahim said there were many talented youngsters from the Cape Flats who needed encouragement and support.

The club’s vice captain Sherwin Mei said the team was thrilled at the prospect of touring abroad.

“It’s a big opportunity for
us, and the team feels very excited. We are also quite nervous, and we are hoping to improve our skills. We are excited to play some games there as well. We want to thank everyone who has helped us so far,” he said.

Mr Allie said the chance for the boys to experience life beyond Hanover Park was a great opportunity for them, and despite being anxious about the upcoming trip, they were training hard.

Hanover Park ward councillor Antonio van der Rheede said there was a lot of talent on the Cape Flats crying out for support.

“All they need is someone to recognise and develop that talent. We are ready to face the challenges that Hanover Park throws our way and this experience will help the youth with them.”

Western Province Cricket CEO Nabeal Dien praised the club for its passion and drive.

“If you don’t have anything for youth to do, you will lose them. Cricket is a social and educational opportunity and the turnover on this investment is huge. You will learn so much over there. Take the team forward and let it grow bigger,” he said.

For more information or to make donations visit the Islamic Relief website at