Breaking bread

During the start of this new year, we have witnessed several cases of racial discrimination and incidents of religious intolerance resulting in a blemish of ominous pessimism for 2017.

Despite the challenges of 2016, a high point for me was the interfaith service I attended at the Athlone Street mosque.

All the mainstream religions were invited and represented, with each leader delivering a brief overview and insight into their faith.

In this one gathering of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and smaller sects, the common theme was justice, peace, reconciliation and love.

Such religious harmony is what is essential in today’s society, and we must strive for that at all costs.

The service ended with a kosher meal – symbolising the ethos of unity, namely, “let us break bread together, we as one”.

Let us collectively join hands as a majority religious nation in the universal church of God.

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