Bridgetown High – no second fiddle

Bridgetown High School will be performing at the High School Band Slam competition at the Waterfront amphitheatre, on Friday April 15, at 6pm.

The Bridgetown High School pupils are trained in drama, dance and music by the Bridgetown Theatre Company (BTC).

Twelve bands will perform in the competition for 30 minutes.

This is the first year that Bridgetown High School will be taking part in the competition.

Their group will perform a mix of jazz, R&B, pop and old school classics.

The school’s participation in the event is a dream come true for principal Andrew Windvogel.

“I have always felt that our students have the innate God-given talent to perform at such a high quality event,” he said.

“To help us fulfil this vision, I asked the BTC artistic director, Theo Davids to assist us. We are extremely proud of the success our students have achieved in a very short time. Remember, our students, unlike that of other former model C schools which are also participating in this event, do not have the music facilities at our school and music teachers.

“Despite this glaring disadvantages, our students rise above their dire circumstances to produce music that we are proud of.

“They sacrificed their time to attend rehearsals and balance their school work. Not forgetting that they have to travel long distances by public transport to attend rehearsals after school hours. To us it is not about winning but participating and making our students aware that regardless of the township status of our school, their self-worth as human beings are paramount to us,” said Mr Windvogel.

“Ultimately, by us giving our students the opportunity, it will teach them that the same discipline, commitment and dedication that they apply to their love for music can be applied to their school work and to their lives. “

The Bridgetown High School music pupils are tutored by music producer and keyboard player, Mark Goliath.

For more information call 082 536 3651.