Bridgetown residents take back the streets

Residents of Foxglove Crescent in Bridgetown cordoned off the road and enjoyed a good braai and dancing, to bring about unity in fighting crime.

Residents of Foxglove Crescent in Bridgetown took to the street to get together and stamp out crime.

The residents started a street watch patrol two months ago because of an increase in crime in the area.

Ricky Johnson, spokesperson for the neighbours, said people were being robbed daily and break-ins were becoming the norm.

“We decided that enough is enough, and that’s when we decided to create an awareness of visibility in our street. For this reason, we saw it fitting to host a street braai festival on Monday September 25, so that we, as the residents, claim back our heritage.

“Our objective was to meet the neighbours, socialise with one another and to be in unity. I believe there must be unity in the community, especially when it comes to combating crime.

“We also want to send out a message to those who are doing all these crimes in our area, that we are united and we as Foxglove will not allow any negativity to take place in our street. Foxglove Crescent was once a broken community and after 33 years, it is now time to rebuild what it used to be, by claiming our heritage. We want to leave a legacy for our youth and to show that communities can be united,” Mr Johnson said.

The road was cordoned off with permission from the City of Cape Town.

Ward 44 councillor, Anthony Moses, attended the event to encourage the residents to be unite in their fight against crime.

The day was not only about the focussing on the negatives, however. There were also lots of fun activities, like jumping castles, a dance competition, music and prizes.

Said Mr Johnson: “I believe that neighbours in general must live in unity, even if it means having a braai with one another. I always say our families might stay far from each other, but your neighbour is the closest to you in your time of need, so let us put aside all grudges and animosity and let us live in peace. It is in our hands to create a better world for all who live in it.”