Bridgetown shows off their talent

The Heideveld Theatre Group was one of the 16 groups selected by the judges to go through to the final round.

The finals of Bridgetown’s Got Talent will take place on Saturday September 24 at the Athlone Nantes Park amphitheatre in Silvertown, at 12.30pm.

Bridgetown Library, in collaboration with Bridgetown Theatre Company (BTC) and the City’s Department of Sports and Recreation, held the preliminary rounds of the competition in July at the community centre in Bridgetown.

Many nervous, yet hopeful participants came from across the Western Cape to enter.

They displayed their talents in dancing, group acts, singing and rap.

After much deliberation, the judges selected 16 highly talented groups for the four categories – six to eight years, nine to12 years, 13 to 18 years, and 19 years and older for individual group acts.

These 16 groups and acts participated in mentorship programmes in dance, music and singing every week in August, preparing for their final performance.

Quinton Meyer of the Department of Sports and Recreation said there has been a great build up to the final.

“There is a great excitement in the air. As everybody is waiting in anticipation for this wonderful event. We are especially happy for the performers, whose talent has been nurtured and developed in order for them to finally showcase it for the world to see.

Vernon Piedt, chairman of Bridgetown Theatre Company, said they hope the competition makes a difference.

“This much needed competition empowers the aspiring performers in our community.

“Ultimately, we wish that it creates change in people’s lives. No matter how small or big.”

Amanda Engelbrecht, chief librarian at Bridgetown Library, said that the event brought performers and communities from all walks of life together.

“We have over 100 volunteers offering up their time to help at the event with parking, security and logistics.

“This event is an amazing example, that of regardless of our differences, we can work together for the common good of others. The crowd will also be part of the judging process. Great prizes will be given to the winning group or individual in each category.

“The overall winner will receive a magnificent floating trophy. This will be an entertaining day for the whole family with food stalls, exhibitions, fun events for children and lots of entertainment. Bring your picnic basket and blanket and come enjoy the true spirit of ‘together we can make a difference’,” said Ms Engelbrecht.

Among the guest artists performing are the bands Destiny, Butler connection, Exclusive Harmony, Severiano Rooi and friends, rap groups 4 real, The Immortals, dance group groups Pulse, Middle Earth, Heideveld Theatre Company, singer Jonathan January, and the cast of BTC the musical Love is Beautiful that recently performed on the SABC TV programme Hectic Nine 9.

Entry is free. For more information, call 082 5363651 or see the Bridgetown Library Facebook page.