Bridgetown’s Shaney Jay launches debut single

Musician Shaney Jay, from Bridgetown, hopes his new single will be an anthem for Cape Town.

Musician Shaney Jay, from Bridgetown, launched his first single YES Y?A, last Thursday.

The producer says he had always wanted to release his own single.

He worked alongside rapper YoungstaCPT, which was a natural choice for him, said Shaney Jay, as he values the guidance and creativity the rapper brings to the studio.

“This is an exciting time for me. I’ve always wanted to release my own single, but I knew I had to prove myself first and produce a lot of songs to get my name out. It’s always great working with YoungstaCPT because he always knows which direction to take a record, and I’m always learning something new from every studio session with him.”

The title YES Y?A is a nod to the often used Cape Town phrase “Yes Ja”, used for agreement or greetings in everyday conversation.

Shaney Jay says by naming the song YES Y?A he hoped to create another anthem that was relatable to everyone in Cape Town.

“I had the idea of releasing my own single for at least a year, but I knew the timing wasn’t right because of some of the projects I was busy with. Finally, I initiated it around August.”

Shaney Jay says he drew inspiration from YoungstaCPT’s tracks such as Wes-kaap, Just Be Lekker and The Cape Of Good Hope.

He says YES Y?A isn’t just a song, it’s an anthem and a “certified banger”.

“I just want people to enjoy this song as much as we enjoyed creating it and just turn up.I just want to keep creating dope music and keep pushing boundaries and take what I’m doing to the next level and across the world,” he says.

Shaney Jay’s music is available at