Broken walkways

Edmund van Schalkwyk, Heideveld

I would like to know the following: Why is it that with all the heavy traffic, etc, the City of Cape Town cannot repair Duinefontein Road, Heideveld (between the N2 bridge and Klipfontein Road) and lay a proper pavement along the east side of the road?

The road is breaking up, especially around the lampposts. With 738 new houses having been built in this area, we have more people walking to school, church, mosque, etc.

The section between Klipfontein and Lansdowne roads was re-surfaced and pavements laid a few years ago.

Brett Herron, the City of Cape Town’s mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, reponds: “It must be noted that we rely on members of the public to report road maintenance issues in their area that require attention. We also do inspections on roads for planning and budgeting purposes.

That said, we have conducted an inspection on this section of Duinefontein Road and found that the road is still drivable but it will need resurfacing in the future.

However, this will be subject to budget availability.

In the meantime, the depot will do minor repair works and maintain the walk ways.