Brothers unite to feed thousands of people

United Feeding Scheme was only established during Ramadaan this year, but has already fed 7 000 people.

United Feeding Scheme, an initiative of two brothers from Greenhaven, both students at the University of Cape Town (UCT), distributed four pots of food in celebration of the 10th
of Muharram (the 10th day of
the new year on the Islamic calender).

Abdurrazzaaq Allie, 22, and Abdul Ghaffar Allie, 20, started their feeding project during Ramadaan this year, after they noticed how Covid-19 affected even those people considered middle class.

The brothers saved some money they earned doing tutoring, and put out an appeal on social media, and among their family and friends, and since the first pot of food they distributed, they have now fed a total of 7 000 people.

Their neighbour, Irfaan Banderker, taught them how to cook food on a big scale.

Soon their family, friends and neighbours got involved, not only financially, but also volunteering with the preparation of the food, as well as packaging and distribution.

“A lot of jobs were lost during lockdown. People approached us and said they had nothing to eat, and it touched our hearts. Our father, Muhammed Yusuf Allie, is our inspiration, because he continuously give to charity,” Abdurrazzaaq said.

They have distributed food in Rylands, Macassar, Eagle Park, Blikkiesdorp, New Horizons, Hanover Park, Sherwood Park and Manenberg, as well as orphanages. They hope to have fed at least 10 000 people by the end of this year.

On Sunday August 30, the brothers, their family and friends gathered again to cook four pots of food in celebration of the 10th of Muharram.

Mr Allie senior said United Feeding Scheme assists people across all religions or cultures.

“There is no discrimination among us, only unity. We help each other. I am proud of my sons for starting this initiative. The smile on a child’s face receiving some food is so special,” Mr Allie senior said.

He added that being charitable comes from his mother’s influence.

“My mother, Julaikha Ahmed, nee Koorowley, has been a pillar of strength. Since our childhood, people used to come to our door for food. We had humble beginnings. We used to live in a corrugated iron house in Rylands, so my children are well aware of what it is like to struggle. I would like to honour my mother, and every person who helps out – whether by donating, peeling potatoes, delivery or packaging the food. They all play an important role.”

The brothers hope to do run the feeding scheme once a month, but is dependent on donations to make it happen.

Abdurrazzaaq also thanked all their sponsors, and the volunteers, including Mohammediy and Naadirah Banderker, Zuleigha Allie, Raeesa Dalvie, Muzaffar Munshi, Ridaa Banderker, Nerina and Devlin van Wyk, Naseera Hamid as well as their parents and grandmother for all their support.