Buckets of hope

Fatima Martin, middle, from the Cape Town Association for the Physically Disabled, with, clockwise from left, Abdel Baasit Ahmed, Sonia Boonzaaier, principal Ugur Patli, teacher Rashied Frieslaar, deputy principal Richard Boonzaaier, librarian Suraya Isaacs, Domonique Lakay and Ibraheem Hoosen.

The outreach group at Star College Bridgetown made this holiday season so much brighter for clients of the Cape Town Association for the Physically Disabled (CTAPD), when they heeded their call to donate Buckets of Hope.

The Buckets of Hope project is an annual initiative of the CTAPD to help their most vulnerable clients. These buckets are filled with non-perishable food items, and will be handed out to their “ultra poor” clients in the metropole – some don’t even have a daily meal.

On Thursday December 7, Star College Bridgetown handed over 28 buckets filled with food and a few luxuries as well. The money to purchase the buckets and food was raised during the school’s annual market day.
The fundraising project and the outreach initiatives are run by pupils at the school, under the banner of their Star Givers project.

Teacher Mervyn Swartz heads up this project. This is the third year that Star Givers has contributed towards the Buckets of Hope.

Ibraheem Hoosen, Grade 11, said he joined the group two years ago, but could only be part of the executive as of this year.

“The CTAPD has always been part of our project. This year we also helped an orphanage and Eros School,” Ibraheem said.
Abdel Baasit Ahmed said he was approached by Mr Swartz to be part of the executive of Star Givers.

“Being part of this project is very good. You can see how you change people’s lives. It might be a small thing for you, but to the people you are helping, it’s a big thing,” he said.

Deputy principal Richard Boonzaaier said he was proud of his team.

“This is part of our school policy. We moved to the area three years ago, and we cannot just come into an area and not have an outreach. When we started here, we looked at who our neighbours are and what their needs are. The pupils manage this project themselves. With this project, the pupils gain experience of helping the less privileged. We, as the staff and management team are so proud of the Star Givers, and we feel privileged to assist where there is a need,” Mr Boonzaaier said.

Principal Ugur Patli joined the school this year.

“When I came here I observed that the pupils are well organised and are concerned about outreach. They are encouraged by their families and teachers and they work very hard. I hope they will be in a good position in government, because they care about the needy person. I am grateful and we will continue with our projects. They have big hearts and strong shoulders. We are part of this community,” Mr Patli said.

The school bursar, Mariam Mohamed, said many of their pupils received scholarships.

“Our school is much more than just academic. We want to develop the pupils holistically. We try to assist where we can. The teachers here are lovely and we all have a nice relationship,” said Ms Mohamed.

Social auxiliary worker at the CTAPD, Fatima Martin, expressed her gratitude to the school for their kind donation, and all the effort they put into making it happen.