Buddies show support for the poor

Silverlea Primary School donated food hampers to underprivileged pupils.

Silverlea Primary School celebrated their 70th anniversary by donating 70 food hampers to underprivileged pupils at the school last Thursday.

The hampers consisted of bread, noodles, water, fish oil, polony, baked beans, corn and rice, which were all donated by parents, sponsors, and collected by the school’s Soul Buddies club.

Established five years ago, the club does outreach work in the community.

The school, which has 800 pupils, celebrates its 70th birthday on Thursday October 4.

Soul Buddies chairperson, Ammaarah Braaf, 12, who joined the club last year, is passionate about the work they do and said it feels good to give to the less fortunate.

“I love making a difference and helping people. It wasn’t difficult to collect the items at all, we were very well received. We feel really good about it, I love this project and I love working with children and making them smile,” she said.

Head of department for the school’s foundation phase, Michelle Pietersen, said Silverlea has always been strong in their sporting abilities and academics.

Ms Pietersen has been at the school for 29 years, making her the longest serving member of staff.

She said while pupils were previously mostly from Athlone, they now come from many other areas.

“Our learners have always been good at sports and have gone on to receive their provincial colours and lots of them have been academically successful. We have always been a school that has done outreach work. Our parents and teachers go the extra mile, we are so lucky to have them,” she said.

Ms Pietersen said the school plans to host a stage production in September about how the school has evolved over the years, which they hope will bring in funds though ticket sales, and want to publish a magazine in October.

There will also be a thanksgiving service. She appealed to ex-pupils to assist the school with their skills, funding, and donations for less fortunate pupils.

“Perhaps they could assist to improve our playground or help pupils with their school uniforms or school shoes. We are always grateful for any kind of help,” she said.

Acting principal Karl Martin commended the Soul Buddies on their achievement.

“They had challenges and they saw through that and today they reap the fruits of their labour. I am very excited about the school’s 70th anniversary and I am very proud of the work that this school does. It is an integral part of the community and I want people to know that our school is open to the community. We support each other and everybody benefits from this school,” he said.

The school aims to launch another food hamper drive in October and hopes to donate food to more pupils.

Call the school on 021 637 6777 if you can help.