Cash back battle

Gafsa Philander, Newfields Village, Hanover Park

On Tuesday August 27 last year, I came from work. My sister and I went to withdraw money from a Nedbank ATM on Cape Town station at 6.31pm. We used both ATMs.

I pressed R2 000 but nothing came out of the machine. My sister pressed R2 000 again, still nothing came out.

We waited to see if maybe the money came out, but still not.

We went to the Nedbank ATM at the bank to see if we could get money.

We didn’t get any money.

We made four more attempts to withdraw R2 000 but received nothing but R8 000 was deducted from my account.

I went to see them at Nedbank Cape Town station and laid a complaint.

The teller logged a complaint and asked me to wait seven days.

I waited for seven days but heard nothing. I went to see them. I was told I must get the (details) of the (ATM) terminals where I was. I went to fetch it.

The staff member who logged the complaint argued that I brought the wrong numbers to her but she didn’t input the terminals’ numbers I gave her.

I asked to speak to the manager in charge.

He called the ATM manager to ask what happened. He told him my account was balanced.

Fair enough, but
I didn’t get the money out of their machines.

An amount of R8 000 was deducted.

I told the manager that there are cameras that can show I didn’t receive anything.

I can’t go to the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) at Cape Town station for the footage they but they (Nedbank) can.

I was ignored.

I went to Cape Town police station for advice. The police told me it’s between the bank and ATM managers; I must go to another (branch of the) bank and state my case.

I went to St George’s Mall (branch) where they assisted me.

I filed a complaint and got a reference number, which is 2844322.

I have been battling for the past three months to get my money.

I’ve spoken to the whole customer care (section).

Everybody is just promising that I will get my money back.

I feel so depressed and I feel I want to sue them for compensation for my phone calls and taxi fare.

Kedibone Molopyane from Nedbank, responds:

Nedbank would like to apologise to our client for the inconvenience and confusion caused.

We have investigated the complaint where the client stated that she was debited for transactions performed on Tuesday August 27 2019.

Our investigation revealed that there were unsuccessful attempts to withdraw funds on the 27th, however, the client was never debited for these unsuccessful transactions.

After highlighting this to the client, she indicated that she is querying transactions for Wednesday August 28 on her statement.

We have investigated these transactions and they appear to be successful transactions where the client’s card and PIN were used.

The investigation, however, continues and we are engaging directly with the client to view video footage of the transactions in question.