Cedar class of 1983 reunites

Former Cedar Primary School classmates of 1983 hosted a reunion, at which they also honoured their former teachers.
Teachers were honoured with a trophy and memorabilia.

A group of former pupils and teachers from Cedar Primary School gathered for a reunion of the then Standard 5 (now referred to as Grade 7) class of 1983.

This reunion – 38 years later – was the first in the school’s history books and it was held at Fort Simon Wine Estate in Stellenbosch on Sunday October 3.

Former classmates and committee members of the class of 1983 – Maureen Johannes-Croza, Mark Talmarkes, Priscilla Draai-Otto and Jerome Pickering-Swartz – worked hard behind the scenes to make the day possible. The reunion was also a way for the former pupils to honour their teachers.

Ms Johannes-Croza said their teachers instilled a love for learning in them.

“Our teachers made a lifelong impact on us, and it is so good to see that they are still in such good health and that they have aged beautifully, too. I was good at sports, especially javelin, both during my primary and high school years. I still officiate javelin at Edgemead High School, but I prefer netball though,” Ms Johannes-Croza said.

Mr Telmarkes said what stood out for him during his time at Cedar, was that “the teachers poured a lot of themselves into coaching us in the various sports codes”.

“I enjoyed both the academics and extra curricular activities, such as athletics, where I excelled being the fastest sprinter in my age group. These were my fondest memories. I want to commend them for a job well done. It takes a special kind of person to be a teacher. It’s like a ministry where you have to have heart and passion to be a teacher.”

Ms Draai-Otto said this gathering now inspired their group to work towards arranging the school’s’ 60th anniversary in 2023.

Former principal Donald Ehrenreich described the day as being special, fulfilling and gratuitous.

“When we do something out of duty, we do not expect thanks. It is so special when your efforts are recognised with gratitude and humility. Our former learners made the day special and we were humbled by their praise. We were also thankful to see the results of our labour. It was indeed special, arranged by special people. They are the fruits of our labour,”Mr Ehrenreich said.

The committee hosted fund-raisers to treat their former teachers with this reunion. They also honoured the teachers by presenting them with a trophy of appreciation and memorabilia.