Celebrations in Springfield

The team from Kouthar Charitable Journey, MB Classics WP and Women2Women, made the celebration of Heritage Day a memorable one for the community of Springfield, an informal settlement in Philippi.

Kouthar Charitable Journey, with the help of car club MB Classics WP and Hanover Park-based organisation, Women2Women, hosted another successful event at Springfield informal settlement in Philippi, on Monday September 25.

Despite the gloomy weather, the community was treated to a scrumptious breakfast, followed by lots of entertainment for young and old. The event formed part of Kouthar Charitable Journey’s Heritage Day celebration.

Fawaaz Sedulla from FS Jumping Concepts sponsored the jumping castle for the day, and the MB Classics WP crew opened up their boots to hand out clothes, shoes, blankets, non-perishable foods, party packets and nibbles for that day. At noon, a 120 litre pot of akhni was served. Metro police also put on a dog show, and the children were spoiled with party packets to end off the day.