Children’s Day poem

John Siebritz, Kuils River

For International Children’s Day, commemorated annually on June 1:

Children rise up

Children rise up

You are free

You are free

From Satan’s reach

Children rise up

Lead the way

You are the light

That sees us through each day

Children rise up

You are from God

Made in his image

And closest to his heart

Children rise up

Young and Old

Go out and profess the word of God

With earnesty and with soul

Children rise up

You are special

More so than the God’s angels

For you are the angels

The leaders of the world

The light from the darkness

The most precious of us all

We are the children

Each one of us

Young and Old

Are from God’s soul

In Him we believe

In Him we shall succeed

Through turmoil and toils

God protects us from Satan’s ploys

John Siebritz is a teacher in Bonteheuwel.