Children’s hospital in dire need of funds

This play area needs to be revamped.

The Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital in Silvertown is in dire need of funds to revamp its outside play area and make it conducive to play in, in winter as well.

The hospital, which was founded in 1964, houses about 50 children who are recovering from illnesses, the majority of them from tuberculosis or HIV, and are or were patients of Red Cross Children’s War Memorial Hospital.

Volunteer intern Clarice Brambilla said the hospital aimed to raise funds through their Nelson Mandela Day project which encourages people to donate R67 or R670, and therebyhopefullyraising
R67 000.

In addition to the outdoor play area upgrade, they also need medical equipment including an oxygen saturation monitor, a section machine, a nebuliser, an oxygen cylinder, a blood pressure monitor with paediatric cuffs, six thermometers, an electronic sitting or baby scale, and children’s wooden steps for gait training.

Ms Brambilla explained that the hospital also urgently needed an upgrade in their lounge area which at the moment had couches in it.

Because the kitchen is too small to accommodate everyone at meal times, some of the staff eat their meals in the lounge area where, Ms Brambilla said, they hope to put a table and chairs.

The list of kitchen equipment needed includes a 10-litre pressure cooker, an industrial food processor, a hand mixer, a kitchen scale, and an extractor fan.

“Most of the children don’t go home after they are treated because of the social ills surrounding them. Some of them live in shacks so it is better for them to be here and fully recover.

“The parents are, however, allowed to visit the children,” she said.

Another challenge the hospital faces is transport.

They take about three children to and from Red Cross Hospital every day for check-ups and need proper transport with safety features for the children.

“We have identified a company which has an escort who drives with the children but that will cost R80 per child without an escort and R150 per child with an escort.”

Ms Brambilla said they are currently working to get their website up and running so that people can make donations online, but for now people are most welcome to drop donations off at the home in Petunia Road, Silvertown.

For more information call the Sarah Fox Children’s Hospital on 021 637 1302 or visit