Clinic needed

Jasmine Uys, Alicedale

I don’t want to complain about the day hospital in Kewtown every time because I know they are under a lot of pressure. However, I would like to know what one must do if you have more than one health problem but there is only one doctor.

The rest are nursing sisters that must act as doctors, and when you tell them about your aches and pains, they tell you, you have too many problems and they can only focus on one at a time because otherwise they take too long with one person, and there are many people waiting .

Why can’t they build a clinic in the Alicedale or Gleemoor area just for the people in that area?

There are open spaces for it and it will not only take the pressure off Kewtown day hospital but also create jobs.

What is the use you go to a hospital and they can’t help you because there are too many patients?

I know it’s free, but then they might as well charge a small fee or donation from the patients in order to give them the right treatment.