Come up with solutionto broken world

Tebogo Andrew Mtuedwa, Charlesville

Our world will be a better place to live if we were standing together for a good cause.

I am very concerned about the parents who went to this newspaper regarding the condition of the toilets at the mentioned school, (“School’s dirty toilets a health risk,” Athlone News, February 26).

All over Western Cape, thieves break into schools and steal stuff, but it is rare to see parents going to post that in the media.

I read the article, but I have realised that the headline, “Schools dirty toilets a healthy risk”, is contradicting what they are complaining about.

The issue of the toilets flushing is caused by the same pupils.

The principal indicated that all the knobs have been broken. Who broke them? Surely not the staff, but who?

If parents want to help, they should have come up with a solution.

It is so easy to point fingers from the outside. If you can only know what the teachers and cleaning staff are going through, you will never post something like this.

Instead of disciplining our children, we cover for them, and we think it’s funny that toilets
are vandalised by pupils, but when you report them, the first questions will be, “How do you know it is my child?
Did you see him or

Sometimes it’s said while the children are listening and it gives them courage to do what they want to do because “my parents will cover for me”.

I don’t know the principal of this school, but I know that to be a leader is not easy in this broken world.

The doctor has been mentioned in this to give this a little bit of weight, but we all know there is no human being who can keep a pee in the whole day.

If the dirty toilets that are not flushed can cause infections, then there should be more cases of that because people living in shacks use buckets.

What they are saying is what they heard, not saw. We can build a great nation if we can work with schools.

As parents, both my children attended school in the Athlone area, and my son is finished and now
busy with something else.

He still has respect because I used to discipline him if he gives his teacher problems, and I thank God I did it.

My daughter is in high school now, loved by teachers because of the respect.

Only you can destroy your child or build him or her.

I respond to this because I work in the same environment.