Computers restarted

President of the Lions Club of Kirstenbosch, Philip Bam, principal of Rustenburg Girls High, Michael Gates, and Bokmakierie Primary School principal, Larry Lewis, officially opened the computer lab.

Bokmakierie Primary School could reopen its computer centre after two years of it being dormant, thanks to a joint project with the Lions Club of Kirstenbosch and Rustenburg Girls’ High School.

Rustenburg Girls’ High School donated 55 computers to the Lions Club of Kirstenbosch, who, in turn, donated it to Bokmakierie Primary School.

The computer lab was opened on Thursday April 12, and the donated computers all have software which complies with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Geila Wills, the Lions Club District Governor, said the donations enabled them to set up a fully functional computer lab.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the pupils,” she said.

Speaking at the launch event, Bokmakierie Primary principal, Larry Lewis, said that some years ago, the school was equipped with a computer lab from the WCED, which was known at the time as a Khanya lab.

“The technology became outdated, and we’ve had problems with the lab. For two years, our children have been deprived of having a computer lab. The relationship Geila has with Rustenburg Girls’ High School, allowed us to benefit from the donation. This is a big advancement for Bokmakierie, and I hope that this will be an ongoing relationship between the schools. I must also thank Ann Barr, she is a true hard worker for the Lions Club of Kirstenbosch and through her efforts, our school benefited,” Mr Lewis said.

President of the Lions Club of Kirstenbosch, Philip Bam, said the commitment of the staff at Bokmakierie makes it easy for them to work with the school.

“How nice it is to be part of this project. They (the staff) go the extra mile, they have faith in the future, and that is why it is so easy for us to work with them. There will always be challenges. Our president said ‘send me’, and here are people who have been doing it all the time. I would like to thank the club for giving children access to knowledge.

“It is an asset and this is a wonderful initiative. The children will soon learn that knowledge is power,” Mr Bam said.

Donovan Cleophas, the circuit manager for the WCED’s Metro Central Education District, said Bokmakierie Primary School is a beacon of hope.

“On behalf of the WCED, accept our sincere gratitude for your investment. If we observe what is happening around us in this community, Bokmakierie Primary is like an oasis for the children. Thank you so much for your intervention and partnership with the school. May you bare the fruits of your labour,” Mr Cleophas said.

Michael Gates, principal of Rustenburg Girls’ High, said: “This is a junior school and it sets the foundation for what happens in high school that we get all the glory for. Thank you to all those who made this possible. I would like to acknowledge the hard work of the staff at Rustenburg Girls’ High, and I wish Bokmakierie Primary School all the best.”

Lions Club of Kirstenbosch has been involved with Bokmakierie Primary School for the past three years. Through partnerships, they assist the school’s Grade 1 pupils with eye screenings, and stationery. The Grade R class was also revamped, a store room was built, and shelving and a fridge was donated.

With the assistance of The Bookery, the Lions Club of Kirstenbosch also launched a fully equipped library at the school. The school has a librarian who is financially supported by the School Governing Body.

As Lions International celebrated its Centennial year in 2017, the Lions Club of Kirstenbosch bestowed Bokmakierie Primary School the honour of becoming its Centennial Community Legacy Project.