Concern is real

Adinaan Allie, Athlone

I read the article “Cell tower fears” regarding the Manenberg residents’ concern over the cellphone tower that has been erected on the church’s property. This is a real concern.

Let me first admit that I failed to pick up on this topic even when 4G, or 3G for that matter, was rolled out. Contrary to what the World Heath Organization says, there are enough scientific papers available to prove the damage caused by the radiation from cellphone towers.

The next threat, which is going to be life-altering, is 5G. Unfortunately there has been confusion around 5G and Covid-19. 5G does not cause Covid-19.

However, the very real threat that it poses is that 5G is supposedly going to transmit at a regulated 2 – 3 gigahertz. This is already higher than what scientists say can cause cell damage at 1.5GHz (speaking under correction).

With our authorities’ complete inability to regulate telecommunication companies, there is a very real fear that, as seen in other countries, they will be transmitting at much higher frequencies.

I have been attempting to get comment from Rain, SA’s current 5G provider. I only received an initial response but nothing since. Here are some of the questions I asked, among others:

Has 5G been tested in SA?

How much money has been spent on testing?

Has an independent measurement been done?

Has the erection of 5G towers been suspended since lockdown? Will they also be using satellite technology?

Just by the way, to date they have erected 250 5G towers in Centurion. I was ignorant when 3G and 4 G were rolled out, but not anymore.Don’t get me wrong, technology can make our lives better, efficient and even create jobs. This, however, will never be worth it if it comes at the cost of human lives.

Rain has not responded to our requests for comment either.