Corruption should be investigated

Jasmine Uys, Alicedale, Athlone

In many of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speeches, he promises to bring an end to corruption and that the people responsible for the corruption will be dealt with.

However, recently we have heard of too many corruption cases – tenders of millions of rand that families of ministers got, food parcels for the poor that didn’t reach the poor, people who didn’t get their unemployment money, the R350 that was promised to many poor and unemployed people but didn’t reach them. You can go on and on.

Shocking also was the Covid-19 test samples that were found dumped in the Eastern Cape, unused personal protective equipment that was found dumped in a river and much-needed water that was on the way to drought-stricken parts of our country that was poured out because the truck delivering the water got stuck on the way.

The president sure has a lot of things to investigate. The people are getting tired of words; they want to see action. After all, action speaks louder than words.

It is not enough to say we are aware of all these allegations and it will be investigated. Will the guilty parties be punished or will they only get a golden handshake? I can’t help but wonder.