Councillor concerns

Abdurazak Meyer, Heideveld

I was reading the Athlone News and I saw Ward 44’s councillor, Anthony Moses, telling blatant lies, saying that he held public meetings in our ward (“Councillors ready to take on the challenges,” Athlone News, August 24).

He never held a public meeting for five years with the community, but if the community has a meeting, they invite him and he never turns up for it.

Instead, he even called law enforcement on a few occasions to stop community meetings from happening.

He is doing nothing in the community – all he does is cause division in the ward.

Whenever you want to see the ward councillor he is never available in his office. It is always closed.

I have nothing against the ward councillor, but he must do his work.

The conditions around Heideveld station are very bad.

The seniors in the road must clean their streets with their own brooms. Why must they clean their own streets when there are funds for that?

I challenge Mr Moses to come and drive through Heideveld here in Sneeuberg Road, at the station to see for himself what it looks like.

Heideveld is also the only place that does not have a public swimming pool. Our children must travel by train or taxi to swim.

The community here voted DA because they didn’t want to vote for the ANC.

I’m sure if the people knew Mr Moses was going to be ward councillor again, they would have voted for someone else.

* Anthony Moses, Ward 44 councillor, responds:

I know Mr Meyer very well. He worked on the community residential unit (CRU) upgrades for two years as part of local labour, and for another year, to attend to latent defects.

He has been to my office many times over the three years to deal with labour-related issues.

His letter is politically-motivated, as it is known that he is a supporter of the independent candidate who contested the recent local government elections.

Just to remind Mr Meyer about the projects in Heideveld: we have had three road upgrades, the fencing of the railway line was done, a R20 million upgrade to the bridge that connects Heideveld and Gugulethu, as well as the ongoing housing project.

He would also notice the problem with the stagnant water at the circle in Sneeuberg Road has been resolved.

I also want to clarify that I have a right not to attend illegal public meetings, as again, these meeting are for political reasons.

Law enforcement was called for a march they organised, but had no permit for, in terms of the Regulation of Gatherings Act.

As for the seniors cleaning up – sometimes the community takes up this task themselves.

I also clean up in my road. However, we do have roving teams in our area to clean.

The issue of the public swimming pool has been a challenge all these years.

The community must also keep in mind the operational costs involved.

I have raised it at sub-council and we are dealing with it.

The people voted DA because of our track record. And how could they not know they were voting for me, as my face was on the poster.

Public meetings can be big or small – the smaller ones are usually for a particular interest, like housing, or when it is about roads upgrades, we deal with people in a particular street.

Mr Meyer must also know that I am not just the ward councillor for Heideveld, but that Ward 44 includes parts of Gugulethu, Bridgetown and Silvertown.