Designer searches for stepping stone

Byrone Pharoah, shows off clothing items of his line, Beron 69.

Clothing designer Byrone Pharoah is hoping that someone will recognise his talent and help him get his clothing line off the ground.

The Bridgetown resident’s clothing line, called Beron 69, produces all kinds of clothing including children’s, women’s, men’s, and plus size clothing.

Byrone attended Cypress Primary School in Bridgetown and says that is where it all started. He said doing technology as a subject at school helped him as he
used his hands to build things and paint.

At high school, he said, the geography and needlework classes were held in one classroom, and whenever his geography classmates walked out of the class he dabbled in needle work.

“I always drew on my pants and then sewed over it and I always excelled in drawing while at Northlink College, where I did fitting and turning as a subject,” said Byrone.

He then started designing his own clothing and asked a neighbour if she could make them for him, but unfortunately she didn’t have the time because she was a single mother.

The 27-year-old’s cousin. Leon, then bought him two industrial machines and he was able to make his own clothing.

He later attended the College of Cape Town where he studied Business Administration.

But, he admits, he was naughty boy and got himself into trouble at times.

“Sometimes we need to realise what we have and what we can achieve,” he said.

He said his first design was Star College’s matric blazers and shortly after, Ned Doman asked him to design their matric blazers as well.

In January this year he hosted a fashion show for which he designed
all the clothes for the models himself.

The name Beron 69 came about as his friends called him Beron instead of Byrone and he added 69 to the name as his mother was born in 1969.

He currently has a stall every Wednesday and Saturday on the Cape Town Grand parade, opposite the clock tower.

According to Byrone, there are times when outfits can be made in one day, depending on orders and the pattern of the design.

He said he mostly works on patterns he made himself but also tries to make items from pictures that people bring to him.

His wish is that the youth become part of his journey to becoming a designer.

He wants them to model his clothes and dance at fashion shows that he will host because he says many youth have talent but are not using it.

He also hopes that someone will recognise his talent and lend a helping hand to get his vision for his business off the ground.

His future plan is to open a one-stop shop where you can get your hair and nails done and shop for outfits as well.

Call Byrone Pharoah at 081 269 5749.