Donation gives primary school pupils a boost

Layla Arendse, receives a new backpack from ward councillor Aslam Cassiem.

Pupils at Manenberg’s Saambou Primary School have received new school shoes, stationery and backpacks from the Al-Imdaad Foundation, a non-profit organisation helping the poor.

The donation took place at the school on Tuesday February 23 and was organised by ward councillor Aslam Cassiem, who said the school needed a lot of support as many the pupils’ parents could not afford to buy school essentials.

From left, are the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Yaygyah Nasiep, Nadine Martinus and ward councillor Aslam Cassiem.

Yusuf Rajah, Al-Imdaad Foundation’s project coordinator, said they focused on schools with pupils who really needed help.

“We usually give the schools a week to identify which pupils need it. We are looking at doing this at another six schools. We’ve handed out 100 pairs of school shoes, 50 backpacks with stationery and some face masks as well,” he said.

Pupils received 100 pairs of school shoes, 50 backpacks, stationery and face masks.

Principal of the school, Angelo Valentine, said many families were still reeling from job losses and salary cuts because of Covid-19 and after paying for food, electricity and water they had little left over for school supplies.

“We are a no-fee school, and we struggle very hard to get funding, so efforts like these are very much welcomed.“

Mr Cassiem encouraged other organisations to support needy schools in Manenberg.

“To sit and worry about where you will get a pencil or a book from next is a feeling I know all too well, and it’s not nice so at least this will provide some relief to them and their parents,” he said.