Don’t fall for high prices this autumn

Welcome to our new fashion column

Opinions about us are usually formulated within the first seven seconds of interaction and our first impressions can open doors and introduce us to opportunities we never expected – or they can shut them.

The way we dress is therefore not simply a way of protecting ourselves from the elements, but a form of self-expression. It plays an important role in reflecting our personality and telling our story to the world.

Like Cleopatra’s attire reflected power in her day, so did Augustus robe’s in his.

Every season a different suit is crafted to reflect power, so whether you’re wearing square-tipped shoes or snake-skin boots speaks volumes.

Although the value of fashion is hugely significant, it does not necessarily have to be heavy on the pocket. I thrive on fashion finds or “gold nuggets” as I call them because they’re valuable in the impact they have in giving your look a boost and they can cost next to nothing.

I therefore hope to use this platform and the knowledge I have gained through fashion-hunting expeditions in many thrift stores to ensure that your fashion does not get in the way of your success.

I hope to be the friend who lends a helping hand or second pair of eyes when it comes to the best dress to wear to any occassion.

So please feel free to chat to me or send through some photographs of your fashion finds, great looks you are proud of or wardrobe concerns as we hop on this adventure of Going Vogue.

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