Drugs confiscated in Hanover Park

Some of the drugs that were confiscated in Hanover Park on Friday January 17.
Drugs worth an estimated R62 000 were found in the ceiling of a home in Hanover Park on Friday January 17.

Metro police officers together with Philippi police officers searched the house after obtaining permission from its owner in Donigel Court.

During the search, the officer noticed that the owner appeared nervous.

Metro police spokesperson, Ruth Solomons, said: “An officer searched the ceiling in the living room and pulled out a bag which contained parcels of dagga. The officer further inspected the ceiling and found more drugs.”

The confiscated drugs include 804 heroin straws, 153gram of heroin powder, 470 mandrax tablets, five packets of tik, a 48gram bag of tik, six parcels of dagga and 60 dagga stopped. 

The homeowner resisted arrest and tried to destroy some of the evidence by grabbing a bag of heroin and dispersing the powder.

The 53-year-old woman was arrested for dealing in drugs, resisting arrest and defeating the ends of justice.