Drunken taxi driver arrested while ferrying passengers

Traffic Services arrested a drunken taxi driver at a roadblock in Duinefontein Road, Heideveld, on Monday November 20.

The driver was 13 times over the legal blood-alcohol limit and had 16 passengers in the vehicle, which was on route to the city centre, traffic services’ Richard Coleman said.

“Not to be outdone was another taxi driver who was arrested on Sunday November 19. Officers on their way home were flagged down by a member of the public on Old Paarl Road, Bellville, who informed them of a taxi driving badly. The officers stopped the vehicle and conducted a sobriety test on the driver, registering 1.77mg per 1000ml of breath – one of the highest readings ever seen,” Mr Coleman said. This was nearly 18 times over the legal limit, he said, adding that there was a woman passenger with a child in the taxi.