Early Christmas gifts at festive lunch

The children gathered around the Christmas tree to collect their party packets. With them, at the back, are Iris Adams and Pamela Paulsen.

Parishioners from the Church of the Nativity in Hazendal hosted a special Christmas lunch for the recipients of its feeding scheme on Tuesday December 5.

For the first time since its inception, they could also give the children gifts – something the manager of the project, Pamela Paulsen, was very excited about.

Ms Paulsen took over the reins three years ago from Theodocia Cloete. Ms Cloete started the feeding project five years ago.

“I manage the project, and Iris Adams manages the kitchen and cooking. Iris is very passionate about what she does, and she cooks a very tasty meal. I am also passionate about the project. I will never give this up, even if it means that I would only be able to feed 10 people. People come here from far and wide and we never say no. We try our best to give to everyone who comes to us for something to eat.

“Today is our last gathering for the year, and a special meal was prepared. For the first time, we are able to give the children gifts as well – thanks to the generosity of the ballroom class hosted here, and the parishioners. We thank God for their open hearts,” Ms Paulsen said.

The project feeds about 50 people every Tuesday. During winter they are served soup and in the warmer days they are served a cooked meal.

Ms Adams said the food they give is the same quality of food she would cook for herself at home.

“We are all human beings, so we must treat them with dignity. What we cook at home, we must cook for the project as well,” Ms Adams said.

Johanna Marcus from Bokmakierie said she is grateful for the food she receives.

“They feed us the best of food. I have no complaints about the food. Some people have small children and this would be their only meal for the day. I am very grateful for all they do for us.”