Elderly receives Covid-19 kit

Bonteheuwel ward councillor Angus McKenzie, distributed sanitary packs to the seniors at Apricot Place old age home.

Residents at a Bonteheuwel old-age home received hand sanitiser, soap and, face masks last week to help them prepare for the 21-day Covid-19 national lockdown.

Ward councillor Angus McKenzie visited Apricot Place last Wednesday, ahead of the lockdown, to distribute sanitary packs to the seniors.

The packs also had toothpaste, toothbrushes, face cloths and moisturisers – products which many of the seniors usually rely on their families for.

“These residents will struggle with bare essentials and not be able to receive visitors to assist. This small gesture goes a long way to giving comfort to our vulnerable people,” Mr McKenzie said.

Mayor Dan Plato thanked the councillor for his gesture and said it was important to look after society’s vulnerable at this time.

“These donations will help the residents in taking the necessary precautions against Covid-19 and limit the spread as far as possible,” he said.

Valerie Cupido, 66, one of the home’s residents, said she was sad about not being able to see her son for 21 days, but was thankful for the sanitary pack.

“This will really help me as I won’t be able to go out and get it myself so easily. I’m sure I won’t even be going out. My husband is okay with the lockdown, and we know that we must always sanitise our hands,” she said, adding that she had placed bottles of sanitiser where she could get to it easily.

Thomas Arendorf, 67, said he was happy about the lockdown because of the growing number of Covid-19 infections.

“I am just worried about how I am going to get my grant and if we run short where will we go?” he said.