Enough is enough

Mark Kleinschmidt,
Ward 60 councillor

It is sad that two young women have been brutally murdered as we celebrate the last few days of women’s achievement during August.

Amahle Quku, a 17-year-old from Philippi, and 22-year-old Nomvuzo Atloli from Siyanyanzela informal settlement, have become the latest victims of horrendous gender-based violence – a pandemic of astronomic proportions.

Many NGOs and gender groups have spoken out during Women’s Month for the thousands of voiceless victims, and our church has been hosting a series of biblical based talks tackling the scourge of gender-based violence. Testimonies by women brought us to tears as we lamented and comforted one another.

More men need to speak out in protest against femicide and gender-based violence, and faith-based organisations provide an ideal platform. It was enlightening when we lamented the brutality and rape suffered by Old Testament women Ester and Tamar, who endured terrible abuse at the hands of men.

Ironically, in many cases of gender-based violence, the perpetrator is known to or in a relationship with the victim.

Women must speak out? #Enough is Enough #RealMenDontRape

My prayer is that the judiciary and courts will exercise the full might of the law to implement harsher sentences, and no bail must be granted to rapists, as recently mentioned by President Cyril Ramaphosa.