Exercising mind and body

Laughter is never in short supply once the club members hit the dance floor.

The Athlone Gym and Line Dancing Club is a free community initiative that has brought joy to many in Athlone. The club is four years old and meets every Tuesday at the Athlone community centre from 9am to 10am for line dancing, and, from 10am to 11am, they do various exercises. Once a month they also have a social event to celebrate all the birthdays of their club members in that month. Line dancing instructor Delmarine Thomas said it is good exercise for the mind and body, involves lots of concentration, and it’s accompanied by lots of laughter. The gym instructor, Lorraine Petersen, who said the club is not just a place where you exercise, but a place where “you can let your hair down”, and come together. The close to 50 club members are also very supportive of one another’s challenges. The members are between the ages of 35 and 75. The club is open to anybody who wishes to join them.