Face masks fun and functional

Loninta Hart

Face masks have become more than just germ guards for some – they’re fashion accessories.

With scientists predicting that a vaccine for Covid-19 is still far off, it looks like face masks will be with us for a while, and some are finding ways to adapt them to their own personal sense of style.

There are those who prefer to wear masks that match their clothes while other slaves to fashion want their face gear to sport brand names like Nike.

However, most of the people the Athlone News spoke to said their masks were purely for protection.

Loninta Hart bought her mask from the SPCA to support a good cause, while protecting herself.

“With Covid-19, the SPCA lost some of their regular sponsors, and by selling the masks, they are raising funds to be able to keep their doors open. They are doing amazing work, and that is why I support this fund-raiser,” she said.

She said the SPCA masks were cute, especially for children.

Natasha Pedro’s mask matched her grey-and-pink outfit, but she said that was purely a coincidence.

“My favourite colour is pink, and I bought the mask because it has pink in it. I wear the mask to protect my health and the health of others,” she said.

Felicia Cornelissen said her health was more important than branding.

Randall Jacobs said that while some saw masks as a fashion statement, he wasn’t one of them. Branded masks were not a priority for him, he said, as his health came first.