Family in need of help after fire destroys home

Bonita Adams, left, shows the damage to neighbour Rowena Stoffels and activist Roegshanda Pascoe.

A Manenberg family are in dire straits after a fire destroyed a wendy house in their backyard – and with the country in lockdown, it has added to the challenge of getting assistance.

Bonita Adams said she and her family must slowly pick up the pieces. Her daughter, Crystal Adams, and her five children were now forced to move into
the main house, which does not have the necessary space for them.

Ms Adams said she is grateful that none of her five grandchildren, between the ages of 13 years and 15 months, were harmed.

“Things were challenging before, but now it is even more difficult for us. I appreciate the people who gave donations of clothing and we are really grateful for that. We don’t have clothes for the youngest of my grandchildren – the 15-month-old baby girl – and I would appreciate any assistance,” she said.

Activist Roegshanda Pascoe said she was informed about the fire, and met with the family to see how she could assist. She put out an appeal on social media, and arranged with Manenberg SAPS that the police station could be used as a drop-off point.

“I stepped up because there are children involved. I would like to thank all those who assisted the family. The day of the fire, I was praying for a miracle, because the family did not even have food to eat that day. Somebody donated money, and by the grace of God, the family was able to have a meal on Thursday evening. Someone also donated a single mattress, which we are grateful for.

“With the lockdown in place, it was a challenge, because people wanted to know where to drop off donations. Luckily those who could, dropped off donations at Manenberg SAPS, and a police officer at the station also went beyond the call of duty to go to some people to collect donations. We are grateful for this. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those who reached out and assisted the family,” Ms Pascoe said.

At the time of going to print, the City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Services could not confirm the cause of the fire.