Field of nightmares

This City-owned overgrown field in Tarentaal Road is a source of much frustration for a Bridgetown family.

A Bridgetown resident is at her wits’ end about an overgrown field opposite her house, which she says is causing her allergies to flare up and even landed her in hospital.

Yasmina Andrews said she and her family frequently battled tight chests, runny noses, and teary eyes every year around this time, and the situation was made worse because of the overgrown field opposite their home.

The City of Cape Town owns the land and is responsible for clearing the field, but Ms Andrews said her pleas over the past three months have fallen on deaf ears.

“My family and I all have allergies. My doctor told me to get rid of my grass at home, which I did, but the field opposite does not help us at all. I was even hospitalised a few months ago. In 2012, I gave the City a letter from my doctor, and they cleared the field. But every year after that, it has been a battle to get them to come and cut the weeds on this field. I have made so many phone calls over the past three months. I don’t even want to think about the cost it added up to.

“I was given the details of a City official, from the property management department, but whenever I phone this official, he is never available, and never returns my calls. “When the season changes, my family and I depend on our asthma pumps, eye drops and various other medication.

“Even our neighbour complained to me the other day about the effects of this overgrown field,” Ms Andrews said.

Benedicta van Minnen, the City’s Mayco member for human settlements, said the department responsible for the clearing of the field, would be notified to attend to the complaint.

When the Athlone News asked whether the City had a schedule for the clearing of the field, Ms Van Minnen said: “This property is considered to be a field, therefore, maintenance requests of such premises are driven by complaints.

“In future, residents can log service requests with the City’s Call Centre on 0860 103 089.”