Flat fire leaves three injured

Manenberg residents helped to clear up the debris left by a fire in Isabel Court.

A fire in Manenberg’s Isabel Court destroyed a groundfloor flat and injured three people.

The fire started at about 2pm on Wednesday November 4, according to the fire department.

The flat’s tenant Frank Jacobs, 60, suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to Groote Schuur Hospital. His girlfriend and her female friend were also hospitalised

Mr Jacobs’s sister, Angeline Meintjies, said her brother, who is in ICU, was now conscious but would be in hospital for a while.

“The City said that they will be sending a container for my brother to live in and that they will repair the damages as it is City-owned flat,” she said.

City Fire and Rescue Service spokesman Jermaine Carelse said the fire had started in a wendy house behind the flat and had been extinguished at about 3.32pm.

“Ottery’s fire crews were first on scene and reported that it was an informal structure behind the flat that was alight, and the fire was spreading rapidly. Several of the flats sustained damage. The cause of the fire is not known yet,” he said.

Manenberg ward councillor Bonita Jacobs said the heat from the fire had burst windows in the other flats but there were no other injuries.

Residents helped to clean up the debris left by the fire.