Food and book donation

A non-profit organisation has given food boxes and English literacy materials to 150 pupils at Blossom Street Primary School in Athlone and another 150 pupils at Sonwabo Primary School in Gugulethu.

With the help of a corporate sponsor, Wynberg-based Living Through Change sets up themed reading rooms and provides schools with reading resources. At last Tuesday’s handover, it also gave teachers data bundles and chocolates to thank them for their hard work. Blossom Street Primary School head of department Rodney Layman said the pupils and their families were grateful for the donations and the school’s reading room was also of great benefit.

“Not only does it accommodate the foundation phase, but we also use the room for any pupil who needs extra help with their literacy skills. The class has been open through the holidays to help pupils who need more classroom time. This room has immensely helped our pupils, whose results are improving all the time,” he said.