Free soup for Covid-19 patients

Mogamat Busby delivers soup for free to the homes of people with Covid-19.

A Surrey Estate man has started a soup-distribution project for people with Covid-19.

Mogamat Busby, 51, says he knows all too well how debilitating the illness can be, as it was his own struggle with Covid-19 that inspired him to do this.

Late last year, after recovering from Covid-19, he started delivering free soup to people’s homes. Word spread, and soon he was inundated with requests. He now delivers the soup across the city.

“I have asthma. I already have compromised lungs, because I had an operation on my one lung after I had pneumonia a while ago,” he says. “When I got sick, I felt like I was not going to make it. It was really touch and go. I even got all my affairs in order.

“One day during this time, I spoke to Allah because I felt that I have so much more to give. I then made a promise to Allah that I will start this project if he pulls me through this.”

He put out a call to friends and family to help and they were joined by others.

“This is not all me. There are many people involved in making this soup on wheels a success. I receive assistance from soup kitchens in Manenberg, Belhar, Grassy Park, Kalksteenfontein, and Salt River.”

The soup is delivered to areas across Cape Town.

He supplies the soup kitchens with ingredients and gas. The soup kitchen volunteers do the cooking and Mr Busby delivers the soup. Heideveld, Bonteheuwel, Bishop Lavis, Delft, Mitchell’s Plain, and Surrey Estate are all on his delivery list.

“My son assists me with the deliveries, but the load is getting heavier. I do 90% of the driving myself. I get requests from as far as Strand and Kalk Bay. The soup is nutritious, and I know it helped me with my recovery, and this is why I believe it helps others as well.”

Mr Busby works full-time, so he can only do the deliveries on Sundays, and sometimes he has to do several round trips because there’s not enough space in his car for all the soup. He’s appealing for volunteers to help with the deliveries, and soup ingredients and money for petrol and gas are always needed.

“My own funds and our usual sponsors have been exhausted. If anyone can pitch in with as little as R10 a month, we can accomplish so much more. I deliver to your doorstep, no matter what your religion, race, creed or status is. If there is a good Samaritan to assist with a bakkie, I would appreciate that. A bakkie will make it so much easier to do one trip to drop items pertaining to the five satellite soup kitchens all at once.”

Iqrah Daniels, from Elsies River, is one of many who appreciate Mr Busby’s initiative.

“I reached out to him when I was sick two months ago,” she says. “ I was in a very difficult state, and he helped me a lot – not just with the soup, but he really goes the extra mile in terms of religion. He left me in tears. I did not expect this from a stranger. I also reached out to him to help my neighbour, who is in his 70s. He recovered a week later. This service Ms Busby offers is very blessed. He is a God-sent angel.”

If you can assist Mr Busby, call him on 068 580 9158 or WhatsApp on 073 630 9702.