Free workshop

Athlone library is running Easter holiday programmes.

The Helping Hands Academy together with the Athlone Pharmacy held a free public workshop at the Athlone Library on Saturday March 23, about minor soft-issue injuries and internal bleeding.

The public learnt how take care of sprains and strains and how to recognise internal bleeding in various parts of the body.
General treatment for sprains and strains:
R – Rest is advised for any minor soft-tissue injury.
I – Ice is applied periodically every 10 to 15 minutes, never apply ice directly to the skin.
C – Compression is a good aid to healing, as well as providing additional support to the limb to help  with weight bearing.
E – Elevation will help reduce the swelling that occurs. This applies only to arm and legs. 
There was also a self-defence demonstration from African Enshin Karate instructor Shihan Brandon Clark.
If anyone would like to have a workshop in their area, contact Samantha Adams at 060 418 7482.