From bad to worse

Jasmine Uys, Alicedale

Just when you think things cannot get worse, then Eskom comes with yet another price hike.

Our economy is in ruins, and there is a possibility that many people could lose their jobs. We simply cannot afford another price hike.

It will take many years to build up our economy again.

If Eskom succeeds in raising the price of electricity again even more people will lose their jobs. I also think that the government should allow people to get back to work and open all the businesses again to try to save our economy.

I am sure many of us now know and understand the danger of the coronavirus and know how to protect ourselves against it. We simply cannot afford to stay in lockdown forever. And with the high number of infections, it doesn’t look as if the lockdown is helping much in any case.

Life must go on. We simply cannot afford to put our lives on hold forever. With God’s help, and if we stand together and each one do their part, we can beat this virus and come out stronger together.